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  • Personnel recruitment  and selection services

We resort to our own data base, we organise interviews, we check the professional recommendations and professional skills of the candidates so to be able to propose to you the persons who best fit your needs.

You shall pay MANITA GRUP only after the candidacy admission.
The recruitment process is a key element of the human resources management. A successful recruitment is conditioned by a severe approach. Our human resources advisors handle for you the seeking and identification of the candidate who best approaches the specified profile and the position which is to be held.

  • Temporary personnel recruitment and administration services

We take over the personnel’s administrative management, in accordance with the laws in force: we undertake the legislative liability in all the problems encountered in work relations, but also during the controls carried out by the Work Inspection through the territorial inspectors.
We handle payrolls, monthly declarations for the employees made available, and their registration with the relevant institutions, fees, taxes and contributions payment, all that shall be in our charge.

  • Mass recruitment

This option applies to companies which develop their activity and to companies that wish to develop new projects, which implies a high number of employees. MANITA GRUP helps you in achieving your project.

  • Payrolling

Your Company has got the ideal candidate and you decide to empower us with the responsibility of becoming that person’s legal employer. Thus, we insure the administrative management, the salary payments, the social contributions under the laws as services provider. Thus, the customer, the user company has no administrative steps to take or social membership to pay.

Reasons to choose our employees:

  • Low costs for labour force;
  • Different professional skills;
  • Autonomy and motivation within the activity;
  • No bureaucracy;
  • Professional flexibility and mobility.

The temporary work represents one of the most accessible forms of using skilled personnel at the international level. In Romania, this form of labour is only at the beginning. Many companies choose this advantageous solution the selection of temporary employees (interims), as skilled labour force within the most diverse projects. Employees made available for the users shall have the mandatory legal documents during the entire period of their mission, pursuant to the legislation in force.

Our arrangements within the human resources activity:

  • We perform personnel’s recruitment and selection;
  • We find employees that meet your Company’s requirements;
  • We organise their arrival at the place of the mission;
  • We are in charge with the employment and the administrative management of the personnel;
  • We provide supervision of the personnel’s evolution within your Company;
  • We are your advisor over the whole period of collaboration.

In case you already have your ideal candidate and you wish to employ him/her, MANITA GRUP spares you of the administrative and salary management of his/her file. MANITA GRUP provides the legal, administrative and accounting framework required within the employment arrangement of the temporary employee.
In this way you can focus on other tasks within your Company, at the same time having the certainty that the legal formalities shall be quickly, fully and righteously fulfilled.

The advantage is double, since you can perform the recruitment process according to your own criteria and preferences, at the same time benefiting from our professional services of salary administration of the person you selected.

For Candidates

The main advantages that you can have if you choose to work with us are:

  • Security, strictness and reliability
  • Written guarantee of the promises you receive
  • Much higher chances to find a place of work in the field looked for

For Companies

The main advantages that you can have by choosing your personnel through us are:

  • Security, reliability and compliance with the law
  • Written guarantee of the promises you receive
  • You shall receive only CV-s the profile of which match your search.